Helping working moms find quality educational time with their children that fits into their daily schedule.

success principles

Success Principles

What does it take to be a Successful Woman in Today's World? This is a Biblically Based course that is completed over 4 sessions.  It can be used for a Ladies' Retreat or taught on a once-a-week basis to a Ladies' Class. Teen girls as well as adult women will benefit from taking part in the course.

Kids + Mom = Learning

Do you want to spend quality time with your children, but you just don't have any extra time?

I enjoy presenting to "Mom Groups" who want to find more ways to spend this quality time with their children. These presentations explain how moms can incorporate simple daily activities into their lives that will greatly affect their child's education. The goal is to send the moms home with a lot of information, activities, and books that they can start using immediately.

Kids + Mom = Reading (bring the kids)

Is reading to my child really that important?

As a librarian, I always want to spend time working with the kids. At these presentations, I have a storytime/activity with the kids, while the parents are present. As I work with the kids, the parents can see how reading aloud can be a teaching tool for every aspect of life: (social skills, math, science, history, reading...) The goal is for the parents to go home with books they can use and the techniques to teach many skills through reading aloud.

I travel anywhere within the areas of Texas, Oklahoma,  Eastern New Mexico, and Southwest Kansas.