Kids + Fundraisers = Stress


We’re only going to do one fundraiser this year, so everyone needs to participate and sell. And your kids will get some great prizes for participating.

OK – sounds good.

Then the reality of the situation hits. My daughter hits up everyone to buy chocolates, cheesecakes, or cookie dough. Most of them reluctantly buy 1-2 items and pay for it. 2 people say they’ll buy, but don’t have the money right now.  Her dad goes all out and buys one of everything.  Then it’s time to turn the order in. Of course, I pay for the 2 people who didn’t have the money and get it turned in. About 4 weeks later the product shows up. By this time everyone has forgotten that they even ordered. My issue is that it is all cold products. We’re suppose to pick it up at school by 3:00. Well I’m not even off work by then, so I send an ice chest for my daughter to pick it up and keep it in until I get there. I get the ice chest, but it’s a day that I don’t get home until after 8:00. Let’s hope it all survives in the ice chest in the car. It stayed cold but the boxes are all soggy. Let’s hope the food is still good. Now to try to meet up with everyone and keep it all cold. 2 weeks later, all of the fundraiser items are finally delivered.

Was it worth it? No way. I should have given cash to send in place of the orders and it would have saved me a lot of hassle and time for some product that no one really wanted or cared about. Oh, but donations don’t count towards the prizes and my daughter would not have gotten the 5 lb bag of gummy bears for selling so much. Next time, I’ll give money to the cause and buy her a bag of gummy bears.

Here’s my new plan for fundraisers. If a kid asks me to buy something, I’ll give him a donation. He’ll come out ahead, since they only get 25-40% of what’s bought anyway. If my child is part of a fundraiser, I’ll just donate some money and be done with it. We will not chase people down to buy stuff they don’t want and then spend days trying to deliver the goods to them.

The one way to survive a school fundraiser is to donate money instead of buying. The organization will get to keep the entire donations. If you buy a $10 tub of cookie dough, they’ll probably get $4 in profit. If you donate $10, they’ll get $10 in profit.


The point is to raise money and they will actually make more from the donations than from the sales.


See some money (not selling) fundraising ideas here: Pinterest


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