Kids + Conversations = Language Development


Conversations with your kids will help them and you. They need to know how to express themselves. Many parents don’t know how to talk with their child outside of giving commands and reprimands. It’s very important that they learn to talk and have discussions.  Figuring out how to have discussions that are true back and forth conversations can be difficult. Here are some ways to start working towards that goal:

1. Why do you?

Discuss why you/your family does certain things – go to church, eat dinner together, go to Grandma’s house for the holidays, chose the job you did, eat certain foods…


2.Discuss kids that have gotten in trouble and what would happen in your family if that occurred.

This is a great way to stop an issue before it starts. They know what’s acceptable in your family and what the consequences will be if they step over the line. It’s easier to discuss these things when you’re not in the midst of the emotions.

Maybe a kid was caught cheating at school – What would happen if your child did that?

Maybe a kid was throwing a fit in the grocery store – What would happen if your child did that?

Maybe a kid was saying “bad words” – What are “bad words” and what happens if your child uses them?

Maybe a kid stole something from a store – What would happen if your child did that?


3.Discuss and research

While reading/watching TV/ listening to the radio, start a conversation about something you might not even know.

Maybe there’s a Panda Bear in a story that you’re reading – You might want to explore where they live, what do they eat…

Maybe a movie on TV is set in the rainforest – Where are the rainforests? What animals live there? Is it hot or cold there?…

Maybe you hear a singer on the radio – Do they write their own songs? What else do they sing? How old are they? Do they have any Christmas songs?…



Use as many words as you can to describe something. The dog is little, brown, long haired, loud, fast, fluffy, soft…. That restaurant is loud, bright, fast, good drinks, bad fries, lots of seating, near home…. For younger kids, have them describe something using 3 words: little, brown, soft…..



Discuss what your schedules are for the day – laundry, eat at Grandma’s house, brother’s ballgame, birthday party, bake cookies for tomorrow….



Believe it or not, there are some things in the news that you can talk to your children about. Find some good things to discuss – sports – school events – helping others events – award winners – local celebrities… The weather can lead them to discussions about what to wear tomorrow.



Tell a story about something that made you happy today. What did someone do that made you feel good today? What did you do that was nice/helpful for someone else?


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A Great Example:

I saw a perfect example of a mother teaching her little boy at the grocery store by conversing with him. He was about 3 years old and here’s the conversation that I overheard: “We need some milk. We need a gallon of white milk. Milk comes from cows.” At that point, the boy was pointing at the milk and mooing. She was talking the whole time they were shopping and he was paying attention to everything she was saying. He would make comments about what she was saying, but mostly he was listening. That mom has a great start on developing language with her child.


What conversation topics do you use with your children?


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