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Kids + Mom = Learning

Helping working moms find quality educational time with their children that fits into their daily schedule..

52 Weekly Activities

Download these FREE 52 weekly activities that can be done with your kids while going about your regular schedule. Adding these to your daily routine will educate your kids and help you develop a closer relationship with them.

Kids + Schedule = Time Management

We all have a daily schedule, whether it’s written down or not. Helping your children learn to create a schedule and follow it, will give them a skill to make life a lot easier.   Family communication – In the morning, talk about what needs to be done today and what extra things are occurring…

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Kids + 10 Minutes = Chores

Do you know how long it REALLY takes me to wash a sink full of dishes?  About 10 minutes. It’s one of those chores that I don’t like to do and I put it off. But it has to be done, so I put it off until bedtime. It doesn’t take that long, but I still…

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Kids + Words = Problem Solving

If you spend any time around a class of preschoolers, you will inevitably hear someone screaming and throwing a fit. We can look to preschool teachers for help with this overwhelming parenting issue. One great technique they apply is “use your words.” I tend to say, “Use words”, but that’s my own personal preference. “Use…

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Kids + Exercise = Together Time

Most moms have to give up going to the gym to exercise after the kids come along. 1. It costs a lot when it’s not being used. 2. Working moms don’t want to give up any more of their time with their kids.   However, kids and exercise can go together. Here are 6 suggestions to make…

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Kids + Fundraisers = Stress

We’re only going to do one fundraiser this year, so everyone needs to participate and sell. And your kids will get some great prizes for participating. OK – sounds good. Then the reality of the situation hits. My daughter hits up everyone to buy chocolates, cheesecakes, or cookie dough. Most of them reluctantly buy 1-2…

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Kids + Conversations = Language Development

Conversations with your kids will help them and you. They need to know how to express themselves. Many parents don’t know how to talk with their child outside of giving commands and reprimands. It’s very important that they learn to talk and have discussions.  Figuring out how to have discussions that are true back and…

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Kids + Calves = Background Knowledge

Recently, after reading a book that had characters living on farms and ranches, I had 2 students ask me a couple of questions that really got me thinking about an area of education that our kids are missing. 1. Are there still farms today? 2. Do people really live on ranches? Just this week, we…

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Kids + Public Library = FREE Learning

  If you read one new book a week, you will read 52 new books every year to your child. You will improve their vocabulary and comprehension while creating experiences through the characters in the stories and the informational books. Sounds simple enough, but who can buy 52 books every year? That’s where the public…

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Kids + Polite Words = Manners

Teaching your kids proper responses will go a long way towards how they are perceived by others. A kid that says, “Yes, Ma’am” and “Thank You” will always be held in higher esteem by others. Politeness and manners are the stepping stones to success.  Here’s the good news, manners and using polite words can be…

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