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Kids + Schedule = Time Management

We all have a daily schedule, whether it’s written down or not. Helping your children learn to create a schedule and follow it, will give them a skill to make life a lot easier.   Family communication – In the morning, talk about what needs to be done today and what extra things are occurring…

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Kids + Exercise = Together Time

Most moms have to give up going to the gym to exercise after the kids come along. 1. It costs a lot when it’s not being used. 2. Working moms don’t want to give up any more of their time with their kids.   However, kids and exercise can go together. Here are 6 suggestions to make…

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Kids + Grocery Shopping = Learning Time

    Grocery shopping is my most dreaded chore.  No matter how organized I think I am, it always seems to take too much time. I have tried making a weekly list and going once a week for everything. I have tried going daily to get what I need just for each day. It just…

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Kids + Laundry = Teaching Tool


Have you ever thought that laundry is a great teaching tool for you? It’s something you have to do, so why not include your kids and make it a learning experience for them. At my house, I try to do a load of laundry every day. If I can do that, it doesn’t seem quite…

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