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Archive for September 2016

Kids + Polite Words = Manners

Teaching your kids proper responses will go a long way towards how they are perceived by others. A kid that says, “Yes, Ma’am” and “Thank You” will always be held in higher esteem by others. Politeness and manners are the stepping stones to success.  Here’s the good news, manners and using polite words can be…

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Kids + Schedule = Time Management

We all have a daily schedule, whether it’s written down or not. Helping your children learn to create a schedule and follow it, will give them a skill to make life a lot easier.   Family communication – In the morning, talk about what needs to be done today and what extra things are occurring…

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Kids + Words = Problem Solving

If you spend any time around a class of preschoolers, you will inevitably hear someone screaming and throwing a fit. We can look to preschool teachers for help with this overwhelming parenting issue. One great technique they apply is “use your words.” I tend to say, “Use words”, but that’s my own personal preference. “Use…

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